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“Our R&D team will work with you to find the tastiest solutions!”

Our wonderful world of innovative flavours

At Food Ingredients Technologies we are very passionate about food, and flavour is very important to us.

To develop tasty and innovative creations, we offer you our extensive knowledge of functional and aromatic ingredients. As a result, Food Ingredients Technologies is your ideal partner and an extension of your own know-how. Together with you, we combine unique ingredients to find solutions which support the success of your products perfectly.

Our mission is to provide you with the best customer service throughout all aspects of our partnership, with the major priority on quality and flexibility. We try to create the best products for the consumer.

Food Ingredients Technologies inspires the food of the future.

Challenge us to find the ideal solution!

+ flexibility
+ innovation
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Custom solutions for various sectors

“We develop healthy blends with the best flavour”

Meat processing

Food Ingredients Technologies have years of tradition as a supplier of ingredients and manufacturing supplies for the meat industry. For all processes and operations in this sector we can offer you the optimum products, completely adapted to your production.

Vegetable preparation & frozen vegetables

People love fresh ingredients, but in our busy lives, we don’t always have time to plan, purchase and cook meals. The vegetable industry has developed tasty, sustainable and delicious solutions, for which Food Ingredients Technologies can supply suitable manufacturing supplies.

Potato processing

Food Ingredients Technologies has been active for many years in the potato processing sector. Coatings for French fries and wedges, crispy snacks and crisps based on potatoes (and other vegetable raw materials) up to and including a creamy puree, … we have suitable products for all of these.


Food Ingredients Technologies offers a full range to give your vinaigrettes and hot and cold sauces the desired stability, shine and emulsion strength. We ensure the optimum flavour for your sauce in combination with the desired texture and improved shelf life.

Ready meals

It is impossible to imagine our modern society without Ready Meals. We want to prepare a delicious and healthy dish quickly with sometimes very invasive cooking techniques in a short time. We produce the products that make it possible to create perfect dishes.

Fish processing

Fish and shellfish are often eaten fresh, but also lend themselves to processing for tasty dishes such as gratins, fish patés, stews, burgers, surimi, fish sticks and all sorts of other snacks. We supply specialist solutions for the improvement of the flavour and aroma of a wide range of fish products for our partners.

Desserts & dairy

Desserts are the icing on the cake of every meal! They provide the sweetness you long for after a delicious meal. We understand the art involved in almost every type of dessert and how to satisfy the sweetest culinary fantasies by developing new flavours and creations. We offer a wide range of functional and aromatic ingredients for bakery and patisserie, ice cream and dairy products.

Butchers & caterers

There are a great many butchers and caterers who prepare products themselves using an artisan method. Flavour, creativity and quality are very important to this. Food Ingredients Technologies offers a great many products for these smaller manufacturers of meat products and prepared dishes.

  • January 1st, 2017

Vegan Burger

The VEGAN BURGER contains no allergens, which makes it a UNIQUE (and tasty) product Check out how to prepare it in this article.

  • January 1st, 2017


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