We strive to create healthy blends that offer the best taste.

We really care about people.

Our employees, customers and end consumers matter to us. We therefore strive to develop blends that are healthier and more functional than the market average.

The new trend in the food industry is to deliver your customers clean ingredient decks with reduced salt and sugar levels, no additives and no artificial coloring agents.

Our highly experienced and dedicated R&D team works with your team to change or improve your current products, so they become even tastier, last longer or simply look better.

We are driven to deliver the most suitable solutions for your project and your enterprise in a timely manner, giving your project the best chances for success.

Finally, we constantly strive to improve existing products and find new production methods.

Our spice blends


Cooking without spices is like a day without sunshine. Spices are our core business, and our aim is to deliver high quality spices selected with the utmost care for your culinary pleasure.

Quality reigns supreme and we make no concessions when it comes to flavor.

Large range of functional ingredients for

sauces, soups and marinades


Belgium has a rich culinary history in sauces, soups and marinades. We have dedicated functional and aromatic blends for cold or warm sauces, soups and marinades to guarantee exclusive textures and delicious taste.

Our products and services for the

ready meals industry


We know people have less and less time to cook. Let us help you create a blend for your ready meals that enhances their functionality, nutritional value and taste.

Helping to improve quality is not only a service we provide but a philosophy we apply every day.

Our products for the

vegan / vegetarian industry


We eat only what is moved by the wind. Taking care of the environment starts with taking care of yourself. In the belief that vegan/vegetarian food should be as tasty as animal-based products, Food Ingredients Technologies offers solutions for meat-free and vegetable-based products.

Healthy solutions without compromise is one of our core values.

Our large range of functional ingredients for the

meat processing industry

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We are committed to animal welfare and respect environmental issues. Working together on solutions that protect our planet is one of our main motivations. For us, responsibly sourced and produced meat still has a future.

Our target is to propose complete solutions for tenderizing, emulsifying, texturizing and provide exceptional flavours.

Our large range of functional ingredients for

fish & seafood

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We share the goal of helping to clean up our oceans and provide animals with a healthier environment.

We deliver excellent dedicated solutions to enhance the taste and flavor of a variety of seafood products, from marinated shellfish to breaded fish fingers. We provide an extensive range of blends to our MSC certified partners.

Our products and services for the

sweet, bakery and dessert industries


Desserts add luster to even the simplest repast! They provide the sweetness you crave after a delicious meal. We understand the art of making nearly every kind of dessert. We help dessert lovers by developing new tastes and creations to satisfy the sweetest culinary imagination.

Our products for the

drinks and dairy industry


Beverages are essential to healthy living, as the human body consists of 75% water! Pure water is surely the healthiest option, but sometimes we crave alternative tastes and textures to liven up the experience. Food Ingredients Technologies provides a huge range of natural ingredients to customize your drinks and milk products.

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